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Dakota 357 magnum revolver parts

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Revolvers A favorite of shooters since the frontier days of the American West, revolvers are durable, dependable firearms that remain popular with enthusiasts and concealed carriers alike.

Read More. A favorite of shooters since the frontier days of the American West, revolvers are durable, dependable firearms that remain popular with enthusiasts and concealed carriers alike. Read Less. Double Action Single Action.

Dakota Arms .357 parts needed

Customer Review Popularity. Show All. Show Less. Barrel Length. Frame Finish. Slide Finish. Case Hardened Stainless. Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider Revolver. Standard Manufacturing S Thunderstruck. Taurus Model 66 Double Action Revolver. Heritage Rough Rider Coral Snake.

Taurus Judge. Cimarron Outlaw Mag 7. Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider. Cimarron Pistolero. Taurus Tracker Cimarron Bisley Single Action Revovler. Cimarron Firearms Remington Police. Cimarron Firearms Bisley Special Target. Cimarron George Patton. Cimarron Doc Holliday Thunderer Engraved. Cimarron Richards-Mason Revolver.Is there anything you can tell me about this handgun?

Thank you Sedge Bulnap. This Post is Updated. There still exist a small gun store that offers gunsmithing works in the town of Basaluzzo Italy renamed Nuova Jager. Even with strong demand, price competition drove them from the market place by The Colt Peacemaker clone now established as the signature piece of serious replica was in demand. It was sturdy and inexpensive, the Sauer clone single handedly destroyed the price competition in America.

There, several family shops that thrived and grew into enduring, world class gun makers: Uberti and Pietta remain today. More so, it was quite a bit better than the German Sauer revolver. It was finished nice, functioned well, and still affordable.

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It established a reputation for quality among the Italian Cowboy Shooters. It was blue and color case hardened with Italian hardwood grips. It had a brass grip assembly. The flamboyant brass straps are an easy to spot, but the Jager revolvers were nonetheless handsome and well finished.

Hawes Large Frame

What can be demonstrated is the Dakota was being built in two places for a time: in Italy, by Jager, and in Switzerland, by Hammerli. Hammerli built Dakotas were numbered within the existing Jager serial range, indicating an aligned if not joint venture by the two companies to furnish the Dakota to American importers. Hammerli already owned a stellar reputation for target pistols. By Hammerli was signed by Interarms to make their Virginian revolver.

Hammerli then ceased building the Dakota, leaving that to Jager as before. Inter Continental ceased business in about The Dakota revolver was also imported in lesser numbers by Kassnar and Navy Arms. Sales of the Jager pattern cowboy revolver were robust for the next decade but eventually fell off. Single action shooters favored replicas with more authentic appearance. Armi Jager stopped building the Colt Peacemaker clone in Colt Clone Model Variations.

Besides its basic color cased and blued model, Jager also did runs in Sheriff, Bisley, Buntline, and Target model configuration. A catalog has become standard among replica Peacemaker manufacturers.

Some had ladder sights, along with a finely rendered skeleton stock. In EMF also briefly imported the Jager revolver as an unfinished kit. This model was called the Super Dakota. It featured target sights, an elongated grip assembly, and chambering in a selection of modern performance calibers.Bob's Gun Shop Inc.

Po Box Royal AR We Have over 42, Magazines for Models! Or Order Now Place Order. Or Print an Order Form State the Make an Model and. Caliber of the parts wanted. Click to Enlarge. Three kinds of Inserts.

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Hawes Small Frame Grips. Herters, Spesco. Firing Pin Firing Pin Cup Firing Pin Spring or Pin Rear Sight Cylinder Pin Ejector Tube Ejector Spring Base pin Bolt Screw Trigger Screw Standard Front Sight Dovetail Sight Screw Grip Screw and Nut Texas Magnum,RG HS and Others.Made for the very serious business of self-preservation the is built to the Taurus Zero Tolerance standard in design, fabrication, fit and performance.

Meaning there is simply no tolerance for parts that do not perform as if someone's life depends on them. Using the powerful. Features include fixed sights, crisp single-double action trigger and a transfer bar for added safety. Learn how to purchase a firearm online. Find an FFL dealer. Please enter your email address and quantity below and we will send you an alert when the item becomes available.

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Gunsmithing - Safety Features of the Smith and Wesson (S&W) Revolver

Live Chat Live Chat. Facebook Instagram. Create an Account Login Create an Account. Cart 0. Schematic ID Number. Description Made for the very serious business of self-preservation the is built to the Taurus Zero Tolerance standard in design, fabrication, fit and performance. Click here for price! Add to Cart. Can we ship this to you? Please choose from the available options to purchase an item.

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Quantity: Email:. Thank you for contacting our Chat Team! Please visit us again. Send Transcript Close.Handguns have developed incredibly over recent years — especially pistols. Plus, many affordable options that once were very pricey are now available at much more favorable prices.

So in this article, we will review our 10 best. We think all of our choices will give you excellent functionality, great satisfaction, and good overall value for the money. Since it was first brought out way back inthe. It became extremely popular for its powerful terminal ballistic capabilities. This meant it was widely used for hunting, yet it appealed to gun users for many other reasons due to the sheer power and velocity you get from this cartridge.

Just after WWI, it is most likely the cartridge was developed because Colt had introduced their. In fact, the cartridges even could shoot through vehicles and protective vests of that time. This is because it outperformed the over feet per second velocity that the.

Because the Magnum cartridge was extended to approximately 3. Magnum dealt with the problem of chambering such a high pressured cartridge through clever design. The overall design made the cartridge perform incredible penetration due to more room being allowed for powder in the cartridge casing.

Plus, the new breed of Magnums and firearms that were made to chamber these cartridges surged with the high demand.

Dakota Arms

These cartridges were, and still are, extremely potent at penetrating targets. Therefore they are an effective choice for hunting large game, as well as any other type of hunting that is on the agenda. Additionally, the round became very favorable with target shooters alike.

This was obviously due to its high velocity high penetrating performance. Ultimately, the. However, one difference you should know is that you can fire.

Here we are dipping into the full-range of J-Frame Revolvers. They range from the Model Airweight right through to the Model Within this range, some of the models just vary with extra features such as their Crimson Trace Lasergrip — which gives you a better ability to target and acquisition.

Other models feature a hammerless double-action-only or a single-action system with an exposed hammer. Larger models use an alloy and stainless steel construction.Due to the coronavirus COVID outbreak and measures imposed by our state government, our operations are temporarily suspended.

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dakota 357 magnum revolver parts

Manufacturers Hawes Large Frame. Hawes Large Frame.

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Part Key: 0. Add to cart. Enlarge Image. Part Key: 1.

dakota 357 magnum revolver parts

Out of Stock. Trigger, New Model Large Hole. Part Key: 2. Trigger, Old Model Small Hole. Hand Complete, New Reproduction Product : Part Key: 3. Product : E. Part Key: 4. Gate, Centerfire Product : E. Part Key: 5.

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This product is no longer available, however A can be used as a replacement part. Part Key: 6. This product is no longer available, however can be used as a replacement part. Ejector Rod.

dakota 357 magnum revolver parts

Front Sight Product : E. Part Key: 7. Front Sight. Part Key: 8. Part Key: 9. Bolt, New aka cylinder latch Product : E. Part Key: Bolt Screw 10 x 32 Product : E.User Name Remember Me? I was looking at a SAA. I can't recall the importer but it was called the 'Dakota".

It was about a 5" barrel with brass trigger guard. Beginning l, all SSA's were mfg'd by Uberti. Importation discontinued Remove Advertisements. No personal idea, bowtek - Seems on another thread someone asked the same question and was told the handguns were well made.

Check the cylinder for play and drag marks on the locking notches. Also, if permitted, might check the throat for erosion and cylinder alignment.

dakota 357 magnum revolver parts

Marshall Stanton. I had one of these for several years. They are neat, very lightweight little sixguns, pack nicely, and mine shot well. However it did have a prepondency to break both mainsprings and trigger springs with regularity. However, with today's current crop of excellent quality aftermarket springs, that would probably not be an issue. It was a tight gun and I traded it off God Bless.

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