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Bibi fatima ka roza

The Prophet of Islam had only one daughter named Fatima. Her mother Khadija had two other daughters from her two earlier marriages. When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima sa was born five years before Bethat when Muhammad S was about 35 years old and her mother Khadija was about 50 years old.

bibi fatima ka roza

She has many other titles. The Date of her birth was 20th Jamad al Akhar. This was the hardest time for the family because in the same year Abu Talib who was the protector of Muhammad S from the animosity of the Quraish also died in the same year as Khadija.

Muhammad S married Umme Salama, an old widow after the death of Khadija to have someone to look after the household chores. It is I who should learn from her. It was then that she saw her revered father preaching Islam in the most hostile atmosphere.

The hostility of the Quraish after the death of Abu Talib and Khadija was the strongest. Fatima saw and dressed the wounds sustained by her father due to the stones thrown on him by the non- believers who were ho to the preaching of Islam. She might have heard and seen that certain wretched women hurled rubbish on her noble father.

But from all these things Fatima was neither frightened nor disheartened. She comforted her father, tended to his wounds even at that tender age. The entire family was blanketed with clouds of sorrowful gas a result of the almost daily humiliation and mockery to which her most revered father was subjected.

He stayed in Makka for another 3 days to give back the deposits to the Makkans who entrusted these to the Prophet for safe keeping. They were the most suitable couple to be married. After some persuasion from friends he finally went to see the Prophet in the mosque and proposed for marriage. Prophet told Fatima about it and asked her whether she would approve. Marriage was solemnized by the Prophet himself and after marriage the couple went to live in a separate house next to the House of the Prophet around the Mosque.

Hassan as was born in the 3rd year of Hijra, Husayn as was born in the 4th year of Hijra, Zainab was born in the 6th year of Hijra, Umme Kulthoom was born in the 7th year of Hijra. It was in the same house that the famous Verse of Purification Surah Verse 33 was revealed on the Holy Prophet and its narration by Fatima has become so famous that it is read in every Muslim house as Hadith-e-Kisa. The Reading of this Hadith brings blessings to the household.

Tafseer-e- Kabir by Al-Razi. It was in the same house where this blessed family fasted for three days continuously without eating any food giving away their Iftari to a beggar, an orphan and a prisoner who arrived at their door and asked for food.

The Verse in Surah Dahr revealed in praise of their extremely charitable act in the way of Allah. There was so much respect in the heart of the Holy Prophet for Fatima sa that whenever Fatima sa arrived in the mosque of the Prophet, the Holy Prophet stood up to respect her. This gesture was also to show the companions respect for women generally which was lacking in the Arabian society of the day.

These acts of the Prophet were to show the companions that this house and its occupants have a special place in the way of Allah and that this status should be maintained after the death of the Prophet.

Unfortunately this was not done as the Holy Prophet intended his companions to do. History tells us some very sad moments connected with this house.

Her 5th unborn child died because of this harsh action of some of the companions and she herself died within 3 months of the death of her Holy father. The following lines of poetry show her ordeal after the death of her holy father very clearly. How a daughter, a wife and a mother should behave in their ordinary lives. She was devoted to her father, looked after him when he was in distress by the hands of the non-believers of Makka, she was the exemplary wife, queen of her household yet fair to her maid servant Fizza to divide household chores between herself and the maid servant, she was a devout wife and the most loving mother to her children.

There were occasions when there was no food for the family, but she would never complain.Bibi Fizza ra had come from Abyssinia to Arabia as a slave. Bibi Fizza ra was only 11 years of age when she came to serve Bibi Fatimah sa. It is believed that she knew how to make Gold and she also knew Noble Qur'an by heart. Bibi Fatimah sa divided her house work equally between herself and Bibi Fizza ra and they would take turns to do the chores.

She remained faithful to the household of Ahlul Bayt as and even accompanied them to Karbala and the prison of Sham. She also had the honour of taking part in the "Three Days Fast". However, on each of the three days, when they sat to break their fast, a hungry person called at their door. The first said he was poor, the second said he was an orphan and the third said he was a freed captive.

Each time, the big-hearted members of the house, including Bibi Fizza ragave away their food and broke their fast with water. Abdullah Mubarak has related a very interesting dialogue between himself and Bibi Fizza ra. He states, I saw a woman passing through the desert who had fallen behind the caravan and asked her, "Who are you and where are you from? I learned that she expected me to greet her and say "Assalaamu Alaykum" first, before any question.

I did as she reminded, and then enquired why she was in the desert. Bibi Fizza ra answered: [And whomsoever Allah guides, there can be none to lead astray! Noble Qur'an, ]. Bibi Fizza ra replied: [O Children of Adam! Look to your adornment at every place of worship. Bibi Fizza ra told me: [We created the heavens and the earth and all between them in Six Days. Bibi Fizza ra replied: [We Allah did not make them such bodies that ate no food. I realized that, because we were not husband and wife, it was Haram forbidden for both of us to ride the camel.

So I got off and mounted her on it. As she sat on the camel, she said:. Bibi Fizza ra called out in reply: [O Dawood, Verily, We have appointed you a vicegerent in the earth.My father and I have done our best to provide the kahani in English for those who can't read urdu. This is the famous Kahani of Bibi Fatima as.

Many question it's origins, but I have seen it's great miraculous effects. Even a sunni family that my dad suggested the kahani too, did manat and said they would read the kahani if the prayer was answered and their prayer was answered. This manats. Take it as an enhancer for your duas. Bibi Fatima as Ki Kahani. Ek mashoor reewayat hey ke arab ke kissi shehair mein aek sunaaran raihtti thi jis kay sirf aek larrka tha.

Ek roz jub sunaaran kuaen par paani bharney gaee tou ooska larrka bhi uske peechey holia. Sunaaran larrkay ko kuaen ke qareeb bithaakar paani bharnay lugee. Kuaen ke dusree taraf aek Kumhaar rahta thaa jis ki bhatti oos waqt khoob daihak rahee thi. Larrka kailtay kailtay oos taraf nikal gaya.

Sunaaran jab paani bharchooki tau kuaen kay kareeb larrkay ko na paaker kheyaal kiya ke ghar chalaa gia hoga. Waapis ghar ponchee tau woh vahaan bhi nahi mila. Maa barri paraishaan houee. Roti peet thi apnay luktay jigar ki talaash mein doobara ghar se niklee. Kuaen kay qareeb aaee. Jagah jagah dhoonda. Sargardaan aur pareshaan phirtee rahi. Har ek se pooncha magar koi suraag na mila. Is tarah shaam ho gai.

Yakayak shor hua ke sunaraan ka larrka Kumhaar ki bhatti me gir kay jull gaya hai. Ye sun kar sunaarun ko intahaiee sudma hua aur is qadar roee ke oossay ghash agayaa.Her husband was Alithe last of the Rightly Guided Caliphs and the first Shia Imamand her children include Hasan and Husaynthe second and third Imams, respectively.

Fatimah is a vital character in Islam [15] and her name is one of the most popular for girls throughout the Muslim world.

Hazrat Ali RA Ki Qabar Chupa K Kyun Banai Gai -- Hazrat Ali ka Mazar Kaha hai -- Islamic Teacher

Fatimah is given many titles by Muslims to show their admiration of her moral and physical characteristics. The most used title is " al-Zahra ", meaning "the shining one", and she is commonly referred to as Fatimah Zahra.

Moreover, there are many Shia narrations which have been stated from their Imams about the names and titles of Fatima. Fatimah was born in Mecca to Khadija, the first of Muhammad's wives.

There are differences of opinion on the exact date of her birth, but the widely accepted view is that she was born five years before the first Quranic revelations[14] during the time of the rebuilding of the Kaaba in[1] [2] [3] although this does imply she was over 18 at the time of her marriage, which was unusual in Arabia.

She also had three brothers named Qasim ibn MuhammadAbd-Allah ibn Muhammadand Ibrahim ibn Muhammadall of whom died in childhood. While Sunnis believe Zainab, Ruqayyah, and Umm Kulthum to be the other daughters of Muhammad, Shias believe that they were actually the daughters of Hala, the sister of Khadijah, who were adopted by Muhammad and Khadijah at her death.

A reason given by the Shia scholars for this belief is the hadith on the event of Mubahalah referenced to in the Quranin which there is no reference to the presence of any other female apart from Fatimah. Following the birth of Fatimah, she was nursed by her mother and brought up by her father; [28] contrary to local customs where the newborns were sent to " wet nurses " in the surrounding villages.

Fatimah, upon hearing the news, rushed to her father and wiped away the filth while scolding the men. At the death of her mother, Fatimah was overcome by sorrow and found it very difficult to cope with it. To console her, her father informed her about having received word from the angel Jibril that God had built for her a palace in paradise. Muhammad turned them all down, saying that he was awaiting a sign of her destiny.

bibi fatima ka roza

When he went to see Muhammad, he could not vocalise his intention but remained silent. Muhammad understood the reason for his being there and prompted Ali to confirm that he had come to seek Fatimah in marriage. He suggested that Ali had a shield, which if sold, would provide sufficient money to pay the bridal gift mahr. Muhammad took this to be a sign of affirmation and consent.

The actual date of the marriage is unclear, but it most likely took place inthe second year of the hijraalthough some sources say it was in The age of Fatimah is reported to have been 9 or 19 due to differences of opinion on the exact date of her birth i.

Although polygamy is permitted by Islam, Ali did not marry any other woman while Fatimah was alive. After her marriage to Ali, the couple led a humble life in contrast to her sisters who were all married to wealthy individuals. However, due to Fatimah's desire to be closer to her father, a Medinan Haritha bin al-Numan donated his own house to them.

For several years after her marriage, she did all of the work by herself. The shoulder on which she carried pitchers of water from the well was swollen and the hand with which she worked the handmill to grind corn were often covered with blisters.

When the economic situations of the Muslims become better, Fatimah gained some maids but treated them like her family and performed the house duties with them. Another reference to their simple life comes from the Tasbih of Fatimaha divine formula that was first given to Fatimah when she asked her father for a kaneez slave girl in order to help her with household chores.

Her father asked her if she would like a gift instead that was better than a servant and worth more than everything in the world. This collective prayer is called the Tasbih of Fatima. Fatimah is believed to have had a happy marital life. However, there are claims that Ali angered her when he allegedly asked for Abu Jahl's daughter's hand in marriage. Human beings have received and will receive perfection through us.

The perpetual supremacy and inherent superiority do no prevent us from making contact with human beings or with your clan, and we have married amongst you and have established family connections with your clan, though you do not belong to our class. How can you be our equal when the Holy Prophet belongs to us and Abu Jahl, the worst enemy of Islam, was from amongst you However, Shia sources tend to dispute this event, citing speeches from Ali that deny any problem with his spouse.

One such has Ali swearing to God, "I never did any act that made Fatimah angry and she never made me angry either. The statement is instead attributed to Fatimah herself, who is believed to have used it when voicing her anger at Abu Bakr and Umar.The Radiant. Imamiya Committee is working on Tableegh Deen. Imamiya Committe provide a short letter every Friday after the recitation of Juma. It Organize every Sunday a program to improve our young"s knowledge of Deen. ILM aisi khubsurti hai jo chipi hidden rehti aur aisa rishta hai jo munqata disconnect nahi hota.

Imam Ali A. Imam Hasan A. Imam Husain A. Imam Zainul Abideen A.

bibi fatima ka roza

Imam Mohd Baqar A. Imam Jafar Sadiq A.

Amma tho padaka

Imam Musa Kazim A. Imam Ali Raza A. Imam Mohammad Taqi A. Imam Ali Naqi A. Imam Hasan Askari A. Imam Mahdi Imam-e-Zamana A. The Holy Prophet Mohammad s. Se Poocha gaya ke Sharif kaun hai? Imam Mohammad Baqir A. Imam Sadiq A. Imam Baqir A. Imam Sajjad A. Imam Ali a. Latest Nohay. Rouhani: Fight aga Rouhani: Today, ou Imam Khamenei condoles d Rouhani: Islamic R US troops withdrawing fr Huge processions held inHowever visible existence came into being on 20th Jamad us Sani 5th year after the declaration of Prophethood on friday.

The year was A. The tribe had done a total boycott of her. However with the grace of Allah heavenly nymphs and pure and pious women did the delivery of our Lady fatimah SWT.

bibi fatima ka roza

It is a known truth that these three daughters were wedded to pagans. The names of which include Abul Aas bin Rabi. However this above information is incorrect. The Prophet of Islam would never marry his daughters into the pagans. These three daughters were actually the nieces of the Lady Khadijah R. However as Lady Khadijah was a woman of dignity and high calibre, she treated her nieces gently and lovingly as though they were her own daughters.

Story of the Holy Ka’aba And its People

It is also accepted that these three daughters were married before the revelations came. Certainly this is illogical and impossible. Early life and Trainning Our Lady was totally different from the rest of the girls of that age. Umme Salma was asked to teach Our Lady principles of Culture. However Umme Salma replied that what could she teach the model of purity and chastity and I myself would take knowledge and teaching from this Baby girl.

Then washed the Holy back with water. One day these enemies will be subdued and the lord will give my religion utmost superamacy. A was preparing to go to a wedding.

When she started to put her clothes on she was informed that Our lady had no clothes. This made Lady Khadijah R. I will go wearing old clothes, because father dearest says that the best jewellery for muslims girls is life of piety and absitence and the best decoration is modesty and bashfulness. S house. Our Lady Fatimah SWT established such a system that is a model for all the women of the world to follow.

Her Holiness SWT did all the household work alone. The work included cooking food, weaving, grinding the flour by the use of a handmill, sweeping and Trainning the two young Holy Imams Hassan A. S and Imam Hussain A. Her Holiness SWT treated the servant not as a servant but as if a close friend and associate.

Hence the system was of taking turns at doing the work of the House. These acmes are staying indoors and obeserving the Islamic Dress. Today we see that by not observing the Islamic dress code muslim women open themselves to the lust of many unscruplous men. Time has revealed to us that the Ahlul Bait A. The Holy Lady A. S who was well aware of these Islamic principles practiced these Islamic fundmentals most strongly.

Her Holiness stayed indoors, wore a veil and maintained utmost privacy. The Question was as follows:. Her Holiness replied that the best thing for a women is that her glance never falls on a male stranger and the glance of a male stranger does not fall on her.

S said:. When she denied from behind the door, people who wanted the oath pushed the door such that it fell on the Holy Lady Fatima saw and then crossed over the door, while the Holy Lady was below the door.

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Mojza Bibi Fatima (A.S)

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